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Selling your home is a large undertaking and I would like to tell you how I work and what you can expect from me during the process. It is necessary in both slow and fast markets to price the property and to prepare it carefully in order to maximize your return and to sell it within a reasonable period of time.

At an initial interview, I inspect the property and get to know your circumstances and objectives. For local sellers, I would visit your house and meet with you there. For overseas or out-of-town sellers, I would gain admittance to the property to inspect it and then discuss matters with you either by phone or via e-mail.

I then prepare a detailed analysis that will show you recent sales, current inventory and market trends. I worked in appraising for a while in the 1980's and with the experience I gained in that field, I prepare the market analysis using an appraisal methodology. However, it should be understood that I am not currently licensed as an appraiser and this evaluation is in no way an appraisal of the property. It is an opinion of the anticipated sales price, shown within a range. I will also propose a strategy for marketing the property by evaluating both historical data, current conditions in the marketplace and anticipation for the future.

The goal of a marketing plan is to bring as many potential qulified buyers through the property as possible. In a balanced or slower market, advertising needs to be aimed at the broadest possible base. In a fast market, timing is a critical issue.

Presentation is always critical. Selling a property is quite different from living in it. It is amazing sometimes what a few adjustments will do for the staging of your house. Over the years, we all accumulate items that eventually crowd our space. Less is generally better than more. I can advise you in this regard and agents from my office are available for peer opinions when we get down to details.

For out-of-town sellers and for vacant houses, Evers & Co. maintains a stock of furnishings, window treatments, pictures and other props to stage your house. Just a few items well placed can change the look and feel of an otherwise empty house. This service is available to our clients at no charge.

We also have a resource list of contractors to assist in fix-ups, painting, caulking and yard work, and I am happy to take on the orchestration and supervision of this work where such services are necessary.

I have worked for both large and small companies during my 25 years in the business, and with experience in both, I have chosen to affiliate with Evers & Co. Real Estate Inc., a smaller company with a distinctive listing presence in N.W. Washington, D.C., close in Montgomery County and Northern Virginia and an outstanding record of fine service. Donna Evers is the founder and president of the company. A dedicated real estate professional with a high level of energy and creativity, she is an inspiration to her agents. She helps design and implement individual marketing strategies and plans publicity and promotions. Her advertising budget is generous, exceeding the generally accepted amount per listing spent on advertising by her competitors.

Marketing will include open houses in conjunction with advertising in the Washington Post, as well as a broad range of target marketing and a strong presence on the Web.

I believe that in presenting the property for sale, it is not only the house that is important to the buyer. Neighborhood amenities, nearby schools, parks, shopping and transportation are also vitally important. I make a special point of including, along with a full description of the property and its attributes, a "life style" page that will provide detailed information on these neighborhood amenities.

In my initial presentation, I will provide you with information on the selling process from our first discussions through preparations for sale, marketing, and the presentation of contracts. Following the ratification of a contract, I will continue to provide the attention to detail that is necessary to guide the contract smoothly through to settlement.

References are available upon request. Please do not hesitate to ask.

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